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Mayank Verma Insurance Broker | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Last Update: March 05,2019

Welcome to Mayank Verma Insurance Broker website. We are committed to respect your privacy and protect your personal information that you provide while using this website. We gather and use certain bits of information about individuals in order to provide products and services that our customers request. We understand that some of our customers may have certain concerns regarding personal data they provide us. Please, read the following policy as it describes how Mayank Verma Insurance Broker protects and makes use of the information that is collected while you are using this website.

Mayank Verma Insurance Broker reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page without notice in accordance with the changes the head of the company makes. The current version of the privacy statement will always be published on this page for your consideration.

Terms and Conditions of Website Use:

Mayank Verma Insurance Broker website has an exclusive ownership of the www.mayankverma.ca including certain website content, software tools as well as the right to advertise products and services that are delivered by the Canadian insurance providers we have a contract to work with.

Please note that descriptions of insurance products that are promoted on this website represent only a general summary of the official conditions and other information outlined in a Policy Wording for each corresponding insurance product. In case of any discrepancy concerning the insurance products’ conditions, the information noted in Policy Wordings will prevail over what is stated on this website.

As a website visitor, you are granted a limited access to our online resources including viewing the website content i.e. blog posts, information concerning product’s description, calculating personal insurance quotes, leaving offline messages, communicating with insurance advisors, etc.

Reproduction or replication of this website’s content including text, video, audio, images, etc. is strictly prohibited. Links to this website are allowed without notifying Mayank Verma Insurance Broker website only for individual purposes such as service recommendation. Any other linking to the web domain of mayankverma.ca is absolutely prohibited, unless it is agreed to by Mayank Verma Insurance Broker before the link is posted.

Please, note that Mayank Verma Insurance Broker is not liable for any sort of damage caused by the use of this website and the information available on it at the moment to the extent that is permitted by law.