Visitor To Canada Emergency Insurance

If you are just visiting, or planning to immigrate to Canada permanently, we are here to help.

If you are just visiting, or planning to immigrate to Canada permanently, we are here to help to provide for your emergency medical needs while in the country.

We have Visitors to Canada Plan which is perfect plan to suit the needs of frequent visitors to Canada and visitors planning extended stays. It provides uninterrupted coverage for emergency medical expenses in Canada. You can also return to your country of origin as many times as you like, without the need to re-apply for coverage when you come back to Canada.

Some of the features of Visitors to Canada Plan are highlighted below:

  1. Emergency Medical Expenses: as listed below and ordered or prescribed by a Physician as Medically Necessary for diagnosis or Treatment of Your Emergency Sickness or Injury.
  2. Emergency Return Home: if You have a medical Emergency, the Company, in consultation with its medical advisors, the Emergency Assistance Provider and the local attending Physician, may determine that You should be transported back to Your Home Country for continued Treatment. The Company will then arrange transportation along with proper medical supervision, and the Company will pay, up to the maximum benefit amount.
  3. Repatriation: in the event of Your death during Your Period of Coverage, the Company will reimburse the reasonable costs actually incurred for the preparation and repatriation of Your body or ashes to Your Home Country.
  4. Hospital Stay Allowance: If You are required to stay in a Hospital for Treatment of an Emergency Sickness or Injury as an in-patient while on Your Covered Trip.
  5. Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability Common Carrier: The company will pay the sum insured specified in the schedule in addition to the sum insured specified under the Personal Accident section, If the insured sustains Accidental bodily injury during the course of the journey while travelling in a common carrier such as rail, tram or airplane; and such bodily injury results in death or permanent total disability.
  6. Flight delay: Compensation if the aircraft is delayed for more than 12 hours than the original scheduled departure time.
  7. Loss of Passport: Expenses incurred in obtaining a fresh new passport.
  8. Loss of Checked Baggage: Compensation for the permanent loss of checked-in-baggage.
  9. Financial Emergency Assistance: Insurance cover is provided in the event of the insured person getting into a financial emergency due to theft, robbery of his/her travel funds. A fixed sum is paid as emergency assistance up to the limits specified under the policy.
  10. Hotel Accommodation: Pays for the cost of hotel accommodation, if the insured person sustains bodily injury or sickness which directly and independently of all other causes results in the hospital stays as an in-patient and misses flight back to the country of residence.

Visitor To Canada Emergency Insurance